Better diabetes management helps people sustain longer, fuller lives while living with diabetes. By striving to expand our potential through innovation, we’ve made significant breakthroughs in diabetes care. But we’re even more excited about the breakthroughs that are still on the horizon.
Today, we are working hard to develop the next generation of meters that will analyze samples faster, and with less discomfort, than anything else on the market. We are also creating better test strips, advanced software tracking systems — and more.

FreeStyle Optium Blood Glucose Monitoring System

FreeStyle Optium blood glucose meter is designed for people who test frequently. With technology used by hospitals worldwide, FreeStyle Optium blood glucose meters can also test for blood ketones and assist in sick day management.
Key Features
• No chip = one less step
• Foil wrapped strips protect from air and moisture and convenient to store and carry.
• Checks both blood glucose and blood ketones^
• Back light for night time testing
• Small blood sample required – 0.6 µl
• FreeStyle Auto-Assist compatible – download up to 450 results & print or email reports

FreeStyle Lite

Now it's easy to manage your diabetes on-the-go. The small, discreet FreeStyle Lite system offers big advantages. There's no coding needed and this meter requires the smallest blood sample size.1 Plus, it has a convenient backlight and test strip port light, so you can test anytime.
• Small and portable design
• Backlight display and test strip port light
• Uses FreeStyle Lite test strips with patented ZipWik tabs
• No coding, means one less step
• Small sample size, only 0.3 µL
• Fast, 5-second average test time