IntroMedic Co., Ltd., market leader for medical technology, has been dedicating innovative product to medical device industry and has successfully launched MiroCam® with data communication technology which we are proud to represent as purely new generation of medical equipment product. MiroCam® is the capsule utilizing human body communication for transmission of the images from the capsule to the receiver. The MiroCam® Capsule Endoscope captures high quality images, and with the longest operation time and 3 images per second, the capsule offers the most comprehensive diagnostic view of the entire small bowel. In 2012 IntroMedic received the FDA approval for MiroCam® Capsule Endoscope.



MiroCam® is the capsule endoscope with size of 11x24mm and is intended for visualization of the small bowel mucosa as an adjunctive tool in the detection of abnormalities of the small bowel. The device captures images of the small bowel with a wireless camera contained in a capsule. This device includes an ingestible capsule containing a light source, camera, transmitter, and battery. The primary use of MiroCam® is to examine part of the small bowel that cannot be seen by conventional endoscopy. The most important advantage of the MiroCam® is that it has the longest operation time of more than 11hours. Longest operation time ensures images of entire small bowel and also able to capture colon images. MiroCam® capsule endoscope procedure is a safe and patient friendly procedure and the patient can go about a normal daily life