General Manager Letter

The economic situation over the past year has certainly been challenging, but MSS continued growth in Sales and Profit.  In the first half of 2014, we were impacted by another drop on pharmaceutical prices and  the delay of governmental tenders. In the final quarter of the year, sales took off and we achieved higher growth.   We have maintained our market leader position in Palestine in every sector that we represent.

Our 2014 results reflect the strength of our business. Net sales grew by 10% to reach approx. USD 42.6 MM, Net income climbed slightly by 3%.  Our approach is to keep unlocking potential and create opportunities.  We are very focused to include more high quality products to our portfolio that will boost our revenue.  MSS is currently in negotiations with three potential multinationals where we expect to introduce to the market by the third quarter of 2015. 

MSS has invested more in quality and management systems.  We are proud to be the most efficient and top quality provider in Palestine.  Our customers remain to be our greatest asset, we will keep strengthening our operations and optimizing our structure to better serve our customers.

Finally, I would like to thank our talented and efficient team that strongly supported in maintaining a solid balance sheet.

Samer Kreitem

General Manager